Genmai Japanese Brown Rice 2kg

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Genmai Japanese Brown Rice 2kg
Brown rice 2kg
Fresh Japanese rice
Fresh Japanese rice
Directly from Japanese farmers.
Authentic taste of Japan
Authentic taste of Japan
Try how rice should really taste.
Send every Monday
Delivered immediately after rice is polished.
Japanese rice is freshly polished.
Doesn't get any fresher with us than this.

What is brown rice?
How different is it to white rice?
Brown rice is unprocessed rice. It is brown because the outer layer of the grain has not been removed yet. It is removed by milling when the outer part is polished leaving the grain to be white. This processed rice is then called white rice.

The difference between brown rice and white rice are also clearly in texture, taste as well as in nutritional and health benefits. And when cooking brown rice, you will immediately realize that it takes twice as much time to cook than white rice. But there are obvious nutritional and health benefits in eating brown rice.

Japanese Brown Rice

Japanese brown rice offers superior nutrition and health benefits compared to other types of rice. If cooked properly, Japanese brown rice is very chewy and has a mochi like texture. It may be less sticky than white rice, but its dense texture is packed with amazingly health and nutritional benefits, not only for the body but also the mind.

Major Healthy Benefits

In Japan, it is general knowledge that daily consumption of brown rice has some major health benefits. Brown rice is rich in dietary fiber and therefore its consumption helps to reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It is also common knowledge that many doctors in Japan strongly recommend the eating of well-balanced diet mixing the consumption of white rice with brown rice on a regular basis. Brown rice is well known to be a super food because its high content of dietary fiber and other essential minerals facilitates the smooth functioning of the bowel and directly reduces the risk of constipation. It is also known that brown rice is a strong antioxidant protecting the organism from external stress and the risk of even chronic disease. Selenium is known to assist the functioning of thyroid and boosting the overall immune system. Luckily, brown rice is full of selenium. Brown rice is also very satiating and for its rich content of various necessary ingredients for daily healthy body functioning, it makes us feel full and indirectly prevent overeating. It can be said that eating brown rice helps with weight loss, because brown rice is teeming with various essential minerals and vitamins, which helps to regulate body weight and fight fatigue.

Co je hnědá rýže? Jaký je rozdíl mezi hnědou a bílou rýži?
Hnědá rýže je nezpracovaná rýže. Je hnědé barvy, protože její vnější vrstva zrna ještě nebyla odstraněna. Hnědá část rýže se odstraňuje leštěním, kdy jsou otruby odstraněny a zrno zůstane bílé. Takto zpracovaná rýže se nazývá bílá rýže.

Další velký rozdíl mezi hnědou a bílou rýží je v jejich rozdílné textuře, chuti a ve výživových a zdravotních hodnotách. Při vaření okamžitě zjistíte, že trvá dvakrát tolik času uvařit hnědou rýži. Oproti tomu je bílá rýže k vaření velice jednoduchá. Ale existují zjevné nutriční a zdravotní výhody při konzumaci právě hnědé rýže.


How to cook rice

1. We recommend washing brown rice with slight force under cold water to slight scratch the outer layer of the rice. This will help water to come into the grain and will help it to expand as well as get sweeter.

2. Once brown rice is washed, please put in the pressure cook or stainless pot. For 150 grams of brown rice, put 250 ml water. For 300 grams, 500 ml. For 450 grams, 750 ml water for best result.

3. It is highly recommended to let the brown rice sit in cold water for at least 6 hours, preferably in the fridge.


4. When cooking in a pressure pot, let it cook for approximately 10 minutes until the steam starts coming out, then put on medium mild and cook for another 10 minutes. Turn off and then let it sit in the pot until all pressure is gone. When cooking in a stainless pot, please follow the same step from 1. to 3. and then start cooking in high and once boiling turn down to medium and cook about 25 to 30 minutes. Then let the rice sit for another 10 minutes.

5. Brown rice should be cooked and ready to serve. Please enjoy our rice.



Rice should be stored in a cool and dry place. Avoid sun, water and moisture. Rice absorbs the smell of fish and meat, and

should be stored away from these.

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