Japanese rice to the world!

Many people who cannot read Japanese and who are not familiar with Japanese kanji may not be able to read our logo. I feel that we should take this opportunity and introduce our logo, its creation and its meaning as well.

Our logo comes from our company’s name, M.Y.JAPAN. The letters M. and Y. are initials of our first names Marek and Yuka. This personifies not only our individual and emotional commitment in the company and its activities, but also embodies the meaning of MY JAPAN, which we see and interpret also as the experience and lives we have had in Japan and the imaginary space we are able to create in Europe through our product.

The first Japanese kanji means MA which stands for the first two letters of MAREK. Since coming to Japan over 20 years ago, I have had my name written in Japan. It means really a running horse. This describes me and my personality really well as my life has been an endless move through different continents ever since leaving Czech Republic over 30 years ago, living in England and Spain, then moving to Australia and ending up in Japan for 20 years. I also like to be very active and passionate about sports.

The second Japanese kanji means YU which stands for the first two letters of YUKA. The letter YU means being a caring and loving person who has the will and personal strength to help others. It also means beautiful and exceptional. In Japan, parents give their children names with deep meaning hoping and praying for their children to have amazing fulfilling lives living up to the hopes and dreams that their names mean.

The red circle means sun as Japan is called the country of the rising sun. Under this sun and those signs we can only hope that you too will also fall for the wonderful taste of Japanese rice.