Hello, my name is Marek. I am a Czech born Australian who have lived nearly half of his life in Japan. I have lived over 20 years in Osaka, Japan. As I have lived in Japan for almost half of my life, I have amazing experience and knowledge about Japanese culture, customs and way of life. One of these amazing moments was when I learned about Japanese rice. Before coming to Japan, I didn’t think much about rice or Japanese cuisine because I came there to study and that was my priority.

However, very slowly and gradually I started to appreciate the amazing cuisine that Japan has to offer. Japanese rice and its wide types completely captivated me. First of all, rice has an almost mythical significance in Japan because it is treated with the utmost respect even when eaten. It is the whole concept of esteem and respect for everything that comes from nature and that has been grown by the hard work of farmers that permeates the daily routine of Japanese cuisine. Eating in Japan is a ritual in which you deeply sense and appreciate all that you consume, and pay your respects as you consume the gifts of nature. And Japanese rice is truly the pinnacle of such apprehension.

This is one of the main reasons why I decided to bring quality Japanese rice to Europe and offer it here to all Europeans in the traditional Japanese way of omotenashi - the inherent idea of respectful consideration and appreciation. This is just the beginning... Today, more than 300 varieties of rice are grown and harvested in Japan every year. And I am here to bring and make available to you some of the most popular varieties of rice. I import brown rice to Europe and then freshly polish it myself. M.Y.JAPAN can guarantee that the rice is above all the freshest and best quality available in Europe. We cooperate closely with Japanese farmers to ensure that our rice is of the highest possible quality. I’m sure you will be delighted with the opportunity to taste the real Japan here in Europe.