Ichibutsuki 1kg

  • Original Japanese rice, offered only upon request even in Japan. We are the only firm offering this special unique super healthy rice outside of Japan.  
  • High content of dietary fibre, minerals and vitamins. Nearly identical nutritional values as brown rice.  
  • Ideal even to Czech dishes and sources, because it is not as stisky and retains its texture.  
  • Helps to maintain healthy daily rhythm and provides necessary energy and assists in losing weight.  
  • Smaller quantity makes you full. This is why it helps to improve with health, digestion, and provides so much needed daily energy.
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Ichibutsuki 1kg
Fresh Japanese rice
Fresh Japanese rice
Directly from Japanese farmers.
Authentic taste of Japan
Authentic taste of Japan
Try how rice should really taste.
Send every Monday
Delivered immediately after rice is polished.
Japanese rice is freshly polished.
Doesn't get any fresher with us than this.


What is Ichibutsuki?

It must be made clear that Ichibutsuki is not a type of rice, like Koshihikari or Shikuyutaka are. But it is rather a way the rice is milled by the milling machine. This requires certain knowledge and knowhow to prepare Ichibutsuki correctly. Basically, any type of rice can be milled into Ichibutsuki. We prefer to use Koshihikari or Shikiyutaka, which are soft and chewy respectively and have amazing texture. If properly prepared, Ichibutsuki is amazing rice giving mochi like flavor with subtle yet constant sense of sweetness and aroma.

Ichibutsuki is carefully milled rice with super health benefits. This rice can only really be bought in Japan at so-called Rice Shop, which are run by Rice Masters. These people have exceptional knowledge about rice, its cultivation, milling, mixing, and cooking, which comes from long experience dealing with rice and its many different types.

Ichibutsuki rice is carefully milled Japanese rice, specially milled only to 10%, to keep all the health benefits that can be found in the bran. The bran contains about only 8% of rice kernel. However, it is in this part of the rice that you can find as much as 75% of all nutritional benefits of rice. This is probably why many people who are careful and serious about their health and try to give their body maximum nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber opt to eat brown rice. However, brown rice is not as tasty as white rice. It is also quite difficult to cook especially for those who have very little experience with rice and its preparation. Therefore, we offer a

golden compromise where we mill the brown rice only to 10%. The bran is only slightly removed while 90 percent still remains. This basically means that all the nutrients which brown rice offers, can also be found in Ichibutsuki with the difference that Ichibutsuki can be cooked as white rice.

Uniqueness of Ichibutsuki

We are the only company outside of Japan that really can offer this type of rice. This super healthy tasty easily prepared Japanese rice Ichibutsuki is a super food treasure that is not yet fully known. Be among the very first ones trying out this rice. You will not be disappointed.

Who is Ichibutsuki for?

Ichibutsuki is perfect for professional athletes and people who take sports seriously and are dedicated to eating well to enhance their professional performance. It is also perfect for bodybuilders and people who need to keep check of their weight. Ichibutsuki is also for people who want to lose weight. Eating this rice daily, you will notice amazing changes in your body and eating habits. We recommend you try this rice and see for yourself.


Health benefits of Ichibutsuki

There are amazing health benefits of eating Ichibutsuki. These include:

•It has high volume of dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins, nearly identical to brown rice.
•It is less sticky than normal Japanese rice for those who are not fans of stickiness. The stickiness can be somehow controlled with this type of rice.

•It provides necessary energy to the body and improves body functions and overall body rhythm.
•It may greatly help in weight loss.
•It can control blood sugars and minimizes the risk of diabetes.

•It improves the digestive system and helps to regulate intestinal movements and keep your bowel movements regular because of its high volume of dietary fiber.
•The oil present in Ichibutsuki helps to extract cholesterol from the body and therefore may positively influence the level of cholesterol.

•With a high content of magnesium and calcium it may help to maintain bone health and can be used to treat medical conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis
•Ichibutsuki is very filling rice. You do not feel that you need to eat as much while it makes you satisfied and therefore helps you to minimize and eradicate unnecessary cravings.


How to cook rice

1. We recommend washing brown rice with slight force under cold water to slight scratch the outer layer of the rice. This will help water to come into the grain and will help it to expand as well as get sweeter.

2. Once brown rice is washed, please put in the pressure cook or stainless pot. For 150 grams of brown rice, put 250 ml water. For 300 grams, 500 ml. For 450 grams, 750 ml water for best result.

3. It is highly recommended to let the brown rice sit in cold water for at least 6 hours, preferably in the fridge.


4. When cooking in a pressure pot, let it cook for approximately 10 minutes until the steam starts coming out, then put on medium mild and cook for another 10 minutes. Turn off and then let it sit in the pot until all pressure is gone. When cooking in a stainless pot, please follow the same step from 1. to 3. and then start cooking in high and once boiling turn down to medium and cook about 25 to 30 minutes. Then let the rice sit for another 10 minutes.

5. Brown rice should be cooked and ready to serve. Please enjoy our rice.



Rice should be stored in a cool and dry place. Avoid sun, water and moisture. Rice absorbs the smell of fish and meat, and should be stored away from these.

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