Milky Queen 1kg

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Milky Queen 1kg
Milky Queeen 2kg
Fresh Japanese rice
Fresh Japanese rice
Directly from Japanese farmers.
Authentic taste of Japan
Authentic taste of Japan
Try how rice should really taste.
Send every Monday
Delivered immediately after rice is polished.
Japanese rice is freshly polished.
Doesn't get any fresher with us than this.

Milky Queen is considered to be the superior premium Japanese rice in Japan. It has unique superior texture and super taste. Milky Queen has nearly zero amount of amylose compared to Koshihikari or any other rice and contains only amylopectin. Therefore, it does not require as much water as other types of Japanese rice. Please be careful when cooking this rice. Cook with less water.


Taste and Characteristics

Milky Queen is a high quality premium rice. It is very low in amylose and therefore it is much stickier and taste better than Koshihikari. It is naturally intensely sweet. It also has chewy texture and when cold tastes amazingly.

Milky Queen has a unique characteristic of remaining soft even after it gets cold. It does not harden even when it becomes cold and remains soft and delicious. And because of its long-lasting chewy texture, it is ideal for onigiri.

Milky Queen is naturally sweet, soft, pleasantly chewy and aromatic rice. And it has premium taste as well as price.


Best dishes that go well with Milky Queen
Milky Queen is not only sticky but also has a unique intense strong sweetness. It goes really well with richly flavored meat dishes such as yakiniku, grilled meat as well as fried chicken. It is also ideal to be used for onigiri. However, it is not suitable to use with curry and with rice bowls dishes like donburi.



Why is our rice the freshest?  

M.Y.JAPAN guarantees that our rice is the freshest possible in the whole Europe. We import our rice direkty from Japanese farmers in the brown form to maintain the highest quality and store our rice in cold place to keep the high quality and taste. We then polish the rice only after it has been ordered. After it's been polished, the package the rice immediately in high quality Japanese craft paper and dispatch it to you. This way we are totally confident that our rice is the freshest in Europe and even exceeds the quality of rice sold in Japan.

The date of polishing is clearly indicated on the package. We suggest to consume our rice within three months of the polishing to match the authentic taste of Japanese rice offered in Japan. However, the expiry date is one year from the date of polishing. 


How to cook rice
1. Gently rinse the rice at least three time in cold water. Be careful not to damage individual grains. It is recommended to use colander when washing rice.

2. Once the rice is rinsed, put into a pot, preferable use stainless pot. Usually when you cook Japanese rice, for 150 grams of rice, use 180 ml of water. Rice and water ratio should be 1:1.2. Use only cold water. Carbohydrates However, when you cook Milky Queen, you should use 1:1 ration.

3. Recommended to let the rice sit in water for about 30 minutes.

4. Start cooking rice. Ideally use rice cooker. If you do not have a rice cooker, use stainless pot.

5. If you use rice cooker, set it as per instructions. If you use stainless pot, once rice starts to boil, gently stir and put on medium to cook for around 10 minutes. Greatly varies depending on the intensity of the stove. After around 10 minutes, let the rice sit for another 10 minutes.

6. Rice should be finished. Gently stir so that air gets in between the individual grains. And let 4,5 breathe shortly. This will let the remaining water to evaporate and allow the sweetness to spread out.

7. Rice is ready to serve. Enjoy our delicious rice.

Rice should be stored in a cool and dry place. Avoid sun, water and moisture. Rice absorbs the smell STICKNESS of fish and meat, and should be stored away from these.

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