Uonuma Košihikari 2kg

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Uonuma Košihikari 2kg
Uonuma 2kg
Fresh Japanese rice
Fresh Japanese rice
Directly from Japanese farmers.
Authentic taste of Japan
Authentic taste of Japan
Try how rice should really taste.
Send every Monday
Delivered immediately after rice is polished.
Japanese rice is freshly polished.
Doesn't get any fresher with us than this.

Uonuma is the highest brand of rice in Japan. It is simply delicious and has retained the number one spot as the best rice in Japanese consecutively for many years. This Koshihikari type comes from Uonuma, area which has extremely rich self-nurturing soil due to its proximity to Mount Hakkaisan and multiple lakes with plentiful amount of fresh clean water. The secret to the deliciousness lies not only in the amazing amount of snowmelt that falls in the area every year, but also from the climate of this regions, which generates one of the widest differences between day and night temperatures, something that is necessary to trigger the intensified sweetness of the rice.


Uonuma Koshihikari is so sweet when cooked that you can smell the sweet aroma from the steam of the rice from far away. And when in your mouth, you can feel the sweetness very intensively as it spreads through your mouth. This unique sweetness is what this rice is so well known for. If eaten once, you will never forget its taste.


Taste and Characteristics

“Uonuma Koshihikari’’ has amazing, dare say, heavenly stickiness, which is intensified by its sweetness. This sweetness has an intensifying element once in your mouth. You will feel the combination of stickiness, intensified sweetness, very chewy mochi like texture in your mouth. It is highly recommended to try this amazing rice at least once in your lifetime. It will not let you down and you will be blown away.


Best dishes that go well with Uonuma Koshihikari
There is indeed no limit. Uonuma Koshihikari can be eaten by its own. Or it can be used for onigiri and other Japanese dishes. It also goes well with fish and yakiniku and any kind of vegetables. However, we recommend to try this rice without anything at all in order to appreciate the amazing taste, aroma, texture and body intensity.


Friendly warning: Once you have tried and eaten Uonuma Koshihikari, it may be hard to go back to any other rice.


How to cook rice

1. Gently rinse the rice at least three time in cold water. Be careful not to damage individual grains. It is recommended to use colander when washing rice.

2. Once the rice is rinsed, put into a pot, preferable use stainless pot. For 150 grams of rice, use 180 ml of water. Rice and water ratio should be 1:1.2. Use only cold water.

3. Recommended to let the rice sit in water for about 30 minutes.

4. Start cooking rice. Ideally use rice cooker. If you do not have a rice cooker, use stainless pot.

5. If you use rice cooker, set it as per instructions. If you use stainless pot, once rice starts to boil, gently stir and put on medium to cook for around 10 minutes. Greatly varies depending on the intensity of the stove. After around 10 minutes, let the rice sit for another 10 minutes.

6. Rice should be finished. Gently stir so that air gets in between the individual grains. And let breathe shortly. This will let the remaining water to evaporate and allow the sweetness to spread out.

7. Rice is ready to serve. Enjoy our delicious rice.


Rice should be stored in a cool and dry place. Avoid sun, water and moisture. Rice absorbs the smell of fish and meat, and should be stored away from these.

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